Governing Body

Dr Neil O’Brien

Dr Neil O'Brien

Chief Clinical Officer (CCO)


Dr David Smart

David Smart



Nicola Bailey

Nicola Bailey

Chief Operating Officer


Richard Henderson

Richard Henderson

Chief Finance Officer


Gillian Findley


Director of Nursing


Dr Ian Davison

Ian Davidson

Director of Quality and Safety


Dr Fiona McConnell

Fiona McConnell

GP Constituency Lead

Mike Brierley

Mike Brierley

Director of Corporate Programmes, Delivery and Operations

Dr Patrick Ojechi

Dr Patrick Ojechi

Director of Primary Care (Clinical)

Joseph Chandy

Joseph Chandy

Director of Primary Care (Non-Clinical)

Dr Chandra Anand

chandra square

Constituency GP Lead for Derwentside



Dr Pat Wright

pat square

Constituency GP Lead for Durham


Feisal Jassat

fasail square

Lay member – Patient and Public Involveme

Michael Houghton

Michael Houghton

Director of Commissioning and Development


Dr Angela Galloway

Angela Galloway

Secondary care clinician


Gill O’Neill

Gill O'Neill

 Interim Director of Public Health


  Lesley Jeavons

Lesley Jeavons

Head of Adult care, Durham County Council

 John Whitehouse

Lay Member – Governance and Audit